Day two opening session and Why Plays?

Tuesday, April 12th, 9:30am – Session 1

With Janet Ehrlich Colson


April 12th WebEx Sessions

What can theatre – plays – do that other media can’t? Why is theatre relevant as we emerge from the pandemic? What is eco-comedy? And is every play political? Writer/actor/director Janet Ehrlich Colson will lead an interactive workshop and conversation exploring these questions and how theatre could give voice to your story.


Biography of the presenter:

photo of presenter
Janet Ehrlich Colson (she/they) is a playwright and experimental theatre artist living in Detroit. Before the pandemic, Janet enjoyed writing plays about family dynamics, eating disorders, and addiction. Since then, Janet has been writing plays about consent, climate change, and most recently, squirrels. Janet is Drama Editor emeritus and a contributor for Fleas on the Dog online magazine where her play Priced to Sell appears in volume 11. Their short play, Snails, is pending publication in the second edition of The Champagne Room, a print-only literary space. Janet received an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College.