Transformation and Social Change: The Power of Storytelling

Tuesday, April 12th, 12:00pm – Session 2

With Dr. Krishnakali Majumdar


April 12th WebEx Sessions


Drawing inspiration from Carole McGranahan’s claim that storytelling is a theoretical strategy in anthropology, I discuss how anthropology as a discipline is about storytelling where the stories are transformational in intent, and the mission is relativizing: your way is not the only way to think and see the world around you. As anthropologists, we tell stories of others’ stories, stories that transform everything in the way we view ourselves in relation to the world. We learn about others’ stories by “storylistening”, talking to people. As we listen, we begin to straddle both the insider and outsider status; and we are transformed. This is the revolutionary potential of anthropology, the “wakefulness” as Edward Said calls it.


Biography of the presenter:

Krishnakali (Kali) Majumdar, Ph.D. is professor of Anthropology and Sociology at Lansing Community College. She joined the faculty in 2013, previously teaching Anthropology at Ferris State University. She holds her doctorate in anthropology from Michigan State University and her bachelors in biology from Miranda House, University of Delhi, India.