Seizing the means of cultural production: A DIY Zine Making Workshop

Monday, April 11th, 4:00pm – Session 4

With Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett


April 11th WebEx Sessions


Human beings are not telepathic. When we have ideas and we want to share those ideas with others, we must create a vehicle for them to travel from ourselves to those we want to share them with. Our current world tends to define the word “media” as something large and controlled by powerful corporations, or in some countries, government agencies, but the reality is that we make media every time we try to share an idea with others, and we are all both consumers and producers of media that is shared around the globe.

In this workshop, we will be reflecting upon the history of independent small press publishing of zines and comics, and how little folded pieces of paper can become a method of making connecting with communities and advocating for change on a local, regional, and national scale. Then we will be learning basic techniques for how to make several different styles of zines and comics that can either be shared directly with a specific audience, or easily reproduced as either physical or digital artifacts that can be far more meaningful and powerful than the ideas shared with us through mass media bombardment.

Here is a link to the google slideshow for the presentation.

Biography of the presenter:


photo of Ben GarrettBenjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett’s most favorite publication is a press kit published by a Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett, called “I became Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett by accident, and now you can too!” The Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett facilitating this workshop is known around LCC as an instructor of Composition and general digital media maker. He/They/We has a past wrapped up in myth and misdirection that is the subject of numerous essays, poems, short stories, books, and legal proceedings. This version of Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett has been involved in the small press publishing world for over 17 years and will be speaking to this workshop as a cofounder and editor of the Black Unicorn Press.