Fat Liberation

Monday, April 11th, 2:00pm – Session 3

With Kristen Dunn


April 11th WebEx Sessions


LCC students and employees, no matter our body size, all experience our culture’s fixation on thinness and dieting, on food moralizing, and shaming and blaming fat people. There is overwhelming evidence that this contributes to oppression of fat people in the US, including medical bias and employment discrimination. This session will include data about the harm caused by anti-fat bigotry, and what we can do about it. More importantly, we’ll share and discuss resources about and links to essays, blogs, books, and social media accounts where LCC students and employees of all sizes can explore the fatosphere, to unpack and debunk our own bigotries and privileges, and to find the beginnings of freedom from internal and external anti-fat oppression.


Biography of the presenter:

photo of presenterKristen Dunn is a Professional Tutor in the LCC Learning Commons and Writing Center, supporting students in all social sciences and humanities courses. In her education, work, and personal life, Kristen focuses on understanding and dismantling systems of privilege and oppression.