AI: Artistic Invention and the Artifice of Identity

Tuesday, April 11th 12:10pm to 1:40pm

With Rooster vs Robots: collective member Benjamin C. Roy Cory Garrett

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A photo of the artist playing bass in a rooster costume.With Rooster vs Robots is a collective of artistic media creators that investigate the intersections of being alive with the “machines” we build to isolate ourselves from the labors of living. At times, this can be a confrontational position (hence the “vs”) but just as often it is a recognition that our collective ability to sustain life on this planet exists in a fragile balance that requires us to understand the processes of making and using the technologies that “simplify” our lives. In this performative conversation, one member of With Rooster vs Robots will invite participants into a dialogue to explore the artifices of Identity and artistic invention that access to “AI” can foster or challenge, as well as what questions we need to keep asking as we explore these technologies so as to not lose track of who is really doing the work when we utilize AI technologies and who is paying for it.